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    Mouse acting funny

    I just bought a new Dell all-in-one with Windows 8 about 2 months ago. Sometimes the mouse pointer locks up or moves erratically. I tried new batteries but did not work. Is this a defective mouse or could there be something else causing the problem?

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    could be interference with other wireless devices.

    sorry to ask a stupid question, but the mouse came with the computer, or did you purchase it separately?

    does it use a teeny tiny little reciever plugged into the back of the computer? if so, try moving the reciever into a front facing USB port.

    does placing the mouse in a different location relative to the machine have any affect? i.e. if you place the mouse BEHIND the machine, does the cursor immediately resume normalcy?

    are you using WiFi on the computer? is this in a location with multiple wireless devices? sometimes they conflict.

    does it happen when your microwave is running??

    use cordless phones? keep you cellphone next to the mouse? etc...

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