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    Printing Envelope

    Years ago, with the help of this forum, I created a database, for recording mechanical test releases. I used a report to print DL sized envelope, which in turn used a query to print just the records I required. I apologize now if this isn't a database problem, but I can't think what else to do. I have been given some different envelopes to use up, which are old wages envelopes. These are only 10.2cm wide by 10.9cm tall. I've tried adapting the report, but can't find a way of getting it small enough so it doesn't print extra blank envelopes. I thought of using mail merge in a word document, but can't get that to run with a query. It just prints all the records in the database. Any help, greatly appreciated.

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    Why don't you use the same query for the Word mail merge as is used to print from Access? If there was a filter being applied to the Access report, set up the same criteria in your Word Mail Merge filter. Alternatively, change the query in Access to give you just the records you want.

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    You may have already used up that envelope supply, but I asked a similar question here today and a wonderful person named orangehat gave me this perfect answer:

    I found this at another site. I tried and it only printed 1 page of 2 page report on my test.
    Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()
    DoCmd.OpenReport "Name of Report", acViewPreview
    DoCmd.PrintOut acPages, 1, 1
    DoCmd.Close acReport, "Name of Report"
    End Sub


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