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    Activating Outlook 2010 "For Academic use only"


    I have been given a sealed-box Outlook 2010 with a "For Academic use only: Licenses to qualified academic users only" sticker on the box. I know it is the same product as the non-academic use version, and I have the product key.

    Question: once I complete the installation and use the product key for online activation, will I also need to have some kind of academic code or license before I can use the product? I would hate to complete the installation and then have an unusable product because I do not have a required academic code or license. I would then have to completely uninstall 2010 and re-install 2003; ugh!

    This is an upgrade from Outlook 2003 SP3, and no Exchange server is involved. OS is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. If you have any tips or gotchas, please pass them along. I will backup the outlook and archive pst files, but I would prefer to avoid any post-installation problems.

    Thank you.


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    No, you won't have to provide anything other than the product key. The tests for Academic use were applied when the product was purchased. You are in violation of the license agreement if you don't use it in an Academic environment however.


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