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    windows explorer very slow green ribbon

    Today I went to install a file I downloaded in my documents/downloads using windows explorer. It took between 1 and 3 minutes for the green ribbon to reach the end and the list of files to appear so I could pick one. there are maybe 150 files in the download folder.Some are zip files.

    About 5 or 10 minutes later, I needed to run it again. Once more, the green ribbon took well over 1 minute to display the list of files so I could click on it. After the second time, I was ready to try 'percussive maintenance' but realized I'd just have to buy another monitor. But I was tempted to smash something.

    As I understand it, the problem appears to be that windows can mistakenly think it needs to index the folder. But why does it index again 10 minutes later?

    Later in the day, it displayed the downloads folder with no slow green ribbon.

    I have read many suggestions to cure this problem. Some involve not displaying thumbnails, others about changing folder settings to general.(when viewing mp3 files, it wants to display song length, etc.) I have tried most of them one time or anther but the problem always comes back. Usually when I am in a hurry.

    So if I could figure out how to make windows explorer only show me file name, size, date and path(is that general) and never ever change it for any reason, I would be happy, especially if it solved the green ribbon problem.

    Or whatever I have to do to get windows explorer to run quicker. I am willing to try most anything.

    Thanks for

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    Right click on the downloads folder and select properties
    Click on the Customize tab
    Change Optimize this folder for
    To Documents rather than the default Genera items.


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