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    Windows Firewall -- Strange Behavior

    I just posted this under the Windows 7 topic, but I wonder if it is better stated here. (My apologies -- perhaps the moderator can determine the best place for this post?):

    I am running W7 Pro on one laptop and W7 Home on another. I recently installed an Epson XP-400 wireless printer on my network.

    It’s working beautifully. I can access it from all of my computers.

    On both laptops, I use NIS (Norton Internet Security; it includes a firewall). The Windows Firewall is supposedly turned off. In fact, when I access it via Control Panel, it says that NIS is handling those functions.

    But I am getting a strange issue with my W7-Pro laptop. Every time I boot up, I get a warning from the Windows Firewall, saying it is blocking a certain Epson program. I always have to click “allow access.” All will then work fine, until I shut down and boot up again.

    I see no way to set the Windows Firewall to accept the program, as that apparent choice does not respond to my mouse click. More importantly, the Windows Firewall should not be doing anything as I am using NIS. Any suggestions?

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    I'm torn between 2 suggestions:

    a) Uninstall NIS and use the removal tool: then starting Windows firewall to allow access to the printer. Reinstall NIS, check that Windows firewall is disabled in Device Manager > Services.

    b) Simply disabling the Windows firewall Service.

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