My organization uses Outlook 2010. I'm not sure what server, but I can find out if necessary.

I've spent the past week trying to make contact with one of my co-workers whose calendar said only "Free/busy information is not available." I finally spoke to our mutual boss about it, and his reaction was along the lines of "You must not know how to use Outlook." That made no sense to me until he showed me what he meant. It turns out that:

  • If I click the Calendar icon on the left side of the screen to display my co-worker's calendar (among others), his says "Free/busy information is not available" even though the others display information, but
  • If I open a New Meeting window, enter his name, and display the Schedule panel, it shows his calendar just fine.

Now I feel like an idiot, but I also feel rather ticked at Outlook. Why shouldn't the direct method of displaying this person's calendar work when the indirect one does? Is there some obscure logic behind this, or is it just random behavior?