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    ALT + [KEY] Shortcut Problems

    I run XP and am a heavy user of MS Word. Since installing a 23 inch Dell monitor some of the ALT + [KEY] shortcuts have stopped working. For example:

    1 - I can no longer use ALT+A to replace all instances of a word in the Word Find and Replace dialog. Clicking on the "Replace All" button using the mouse works fine.

    2 - However, using the shortcut ALT+R to replace an individual instance of a word works fine as do many of the other ALT+[KEY] shortcuts

    3 - ALT+T and ALT+D shortcuts have also ceased to work in various dialog boxes

    The problem occurs in Word 2003 and 2007. My system uses the Intel Q35 Express Chipset family. The monitor is set at 1920 x 1080 pixels using highest (32 bit) color quality.

    Any suggestions for me to regain the use of the ALT+A, ALT+T and all other similar keyboard shortcuts?

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    Maybe the monitor software has stolen your key sequences for its own use. Check the monitor config to see if you can disable hotkeys.

    cheers, Paul

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