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    Server + 3 very slow workstations. How to figure what needs attention?

    This forum has been a huge help to me resolving personal pc issues. I recently began volunteering at the local Museum & Archives non-profit society. They have a server connected to three pc workstations that boot to a Win XP screen. (This hardware is approximately 5 years old.)

    I apologize for the lack of clarity, but I am totally out of my depth. The 3 workstations are so very slow they are painful to work at, and are also costing the M&A the time paid personnel spend "waiting".

    I have no experience with Servers. Can anyone send me to a link that will explain such a set up in simple terms, and/or guide me into searching for the information I need to determine what the problem is, the server or the pc's or both? The board of directors, mostly mac users, need to be alerted to the potential problem.

    Based on the age of the system and the quantity of the data held by the server I fear that the M&A could be facing a huge loss if the system suddenly dies, and while there are backups created weekly it could be several months of fundraising before hardware replacement/s could be afforded.

    Your comments & suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    We need to know what the server OS is? (Windows 2003 etc)
    Can you run the PCs without a network connection and are they still slow? This indicates the PCs may have too much software / conflicting software.
    A weekly backup is probably not enough for any server environment. I would always want an incremental daily and full weekly backup of the server.

    cheers, Paul

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