I recently bought a new laptop and of course it has Windows 8 on it. I took the advice of a recent column I read about using gmail and putting all email accounts there. However, I messed up and didn't check the box for 'leave a copy on the server.' That meant my hotmail account did not have my email in it any longer. I decided to go back to hotmail instead of using gmail for a couple reasons. I was finally able to get my email back into hotmail by setting up another account in hotmail as an IMAP account and pointing to the gmail account. When the hotmail synced those that had been sent to gmail, I just moved them back into my hotmail Inbox and then deleted the IMAP gmail account. The only problem is that now all the email messages appear to have been received yesterday. I want to change the 'Date Received' property of each email so I can sort them by date and have the very old ones at the bottom. I only have about 50 emails in my inbox so it shouldn't be too time consuming once I find a way to do it. Many of them are part of a conversation and if I look inside of them, I will be able to see when the reply was sent. For some of them, I'll have to make up a date but at least I can guestimate and put something besides yesterday in there if there is any way to change that property. I'm sure each email is an object and I'd be happy to use either Java or VB to change the property if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks for any ideas you might have.