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    Video Tape Conversions File Sizes

    I have been converting my hoard of tapes in various formats such as VHS, 8mm, and minidv files and copying them to a portable hard drive. Then I run Pinnacle to do some minor editing such as adding a title page for the date and location and also removing some of the bad video. I take the resulting file and create an .mp4 file. (all of this seems to take - forever.) It is so slow....arrgh!

    When it is finally complete, I often end up with a file that is too big to fit on a single DVD, but they will fit on a dual layer dvd, but I'm not keen on doing that.
    Also, I have some .avi files that are really big, and would like to get them on a single dvd too...

    So, is there a way to create a DVD that can continue on to a second DVD?

    Is there a way to compress these big files using something like pkzip? so it would fit on a single dvd?

    Any comments appreciated, thanks.

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    What is the purpose of putting the files onto DVD instead of a portable or desktop drive? Depending if its just for storage or you want to mail them or be able to play video from them would make a difference in what technique to use. Most of the time there are natural breaks in video where one can produce a file that will fit on a single layer DVD and you can play around with the dimensions and quality settings, especially with VHS because that is a very low quality video to begin with.

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