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    Variable Page Number Increases

    I am writing a very large document and want to use Word to create a table of contents. I know how to do all that. The problem is how to handle appendices.

    I have a number of appendices to add from a number of sources. I plan to add the appendices manually after printing the main report. I can add a page for each appendix to add it to the ToC but how do I deal with the page numbers? Right now, the main document is 70 pages so I know how to deal with manually setting page numbers so if appendix one is three pages, appendix needs to start on page 74. But, as the main document is edited, this will all change so I would prefer an automated solution. I could add the number of page breaks below the ToC entry for each appendix but that seems like a kludge.

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    I've managed to get the page number in the footer to increment x number of pages with a formula but the Auto Generated TOC will not pick up this number.
    Calculated Page No in footer.JPG
    Results on what is actually page 4 of the document!
    Calculated Page No in footer 2.JPG
    Note: Physical page 1 is where I have the TOC and I use a page break and page number command on physical page 2 to make it Page 1 of the document. I have a bookmark at the bottom of the body document page 2 (physical page 3) that is then used in the formula to offset the pages to be inserted. In this case I had it offset 30 pages of body document for demo purposes which puts the 1st page of Appendix on page 33 {it is 15 pages long} and the 1st page of Appendix B on page 47 thus the formula for Appendix B is + 45 (30 + 15).

    Perhaps someone else can figure how to use this to gen the TOC. I thought of trying to jury rig the page number at the beginning of the section but couldn't figure out how to get a formula into it. You can set the start page for each Appendix manually but then they have to be adjusted if the body page count changes.

    Good Luck. HTH

    Table of Contents Test.docx
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    You could use INCLUDETEXT fields in the main document to insert the appendices. Word will then take care of the page #s automatically.

    Otherwise, you'll need to use a series of RD fields in the main document to supplement the TOC and INCLUDETEXT fields pointing to bookmarks created by SET fields holding the last page # for each preceding document, with those INCLUDETEXT fields embedded in a formula field to calculate the particular document's starting page #. It all gets fairly complicated.

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    I once had to build some big documents with appendices, and this article by Shauna Kelly saved my sanity. I highly recommend it. It's a long article and very thorough, but easy to follow, I feel.

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