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    Set up ADSL broadband for tablet

    Several people I know have tablets and we each recognise each otherís home wifi, so in each other's homes we have instant access to the internet on our tablets with no need to even ask permission.

    But in every case we also have PCs and landline broadband router/modems and sufficient broadband service levels that the use of someone else's tablet is not going to stretch the relationships.

    Recently, a friend of one of us who has a tablet with an inbuilt 3G connection but no home computer asked why she couldn't do the same when friends visited her house.

    We warned that with the relatively low downloads included with mobile broadband connections, she needed to keep a close watch on her usage. That led to the question "Can I get a home landline broadband without a computer?"

    And, as I soon found, it is a question other people are asking. But if you ask that question on Yahoo you get a "best answer" of "I am not sure it is possible".

    More detailed answers in more informative forums come to the conclusion that most broadband home wifi routers need to be initially set up with a direct Ethernet connection from a computer, so the most convenient way would be to call on a friend with a laptop, Mac or Windows, to set it up, start the wifi, then disconnect.

    Some modem/routers can be set up or at least controlled after initial setup with a browser, but I could not find one which stated that as a selling point. Even one which has a button to set up wifi with default parameters suggests it is best to connect first by ethernet.

    Does anyone here have experience of setting up a landline broadband modem/router for wifi use without using ethernet as a first step?

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    Pretty much every new ADSL router is wireless and the setup details are often printed on the router, meaning you can connect via wireless as soon as you power up. Even your smart phone has a browser so it can be used to check the router / use the internet.
    The only requirement is a landline for the ADSL signal.

    cheers, Paul

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