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    My Vista Shuts Down, Needs to be Unplugged for a Minute Before Starting

    My Vista desktop, made new over the holidays with a clean install at a shop, has started shutting itself down at start-up. It will start successfully after being unplugged for a minute or so.

    I do not have a start-up repair disk as the Repair Center was on the computer, though is not now after the clean install. I cannot find it anywhere on the machine.

    The machine has also having significant slow-down issues at start-up for half an hour or so - I am assuming it is downloading updates. This is new, and annoying. After a half an hour, it runs just fine.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions to help. Thanks.
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    Create a System Recovery Disk in Vista

    I would definitely use one of 2 apps to check what is starting with Windows, and disable anything unwanted or unnecessary:

    What's In Startup This is a nice little app that checking start up items is all it does

    Autoruns for Windows This app includes a great deal of info. I swear if you look hard enough you'll find the kitchen sink in there somewhere. In other words more complex.

    I would also use something like CCleaner to get rid of a bunch of temp stuff. Also run the Windows disk cleaner.
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