I know that I cannot export or import custom views in Outlook directly, but I may have found a workaround. I set up a dummy POP and IMAP account(s), with empty PST files. Then I made any changes I wanted to make to the views, and gave them unique names. Then I imported these PSTs into the respective accounts [POP / IMAP], and the views I had set up came over! SO, I just keep these dummy files and make my changes there and then import them -- a template of a sort.

Except [and I'm not too anxious to just try this straight away]:

If I re-import the PST, since it is empty I won't have to worry about duplicate emails, but will the views and any changes I make overwrite the views [of the same name] in the PST receiving the import?

If so, that's a fairly straightforward solution to something Microsoft seems to have forgotten -- saving custom views.

Chuck Billow