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    Network Win95 + XP

    We are trying to network an IBM Aptive with windows 95 to a Dell with XP. The Windows 95 wants us to insert the windows 95 "disk", but the only disk we have is the "recovery" disk. It wants the arp.sys file (not that I have ANY idea what that means!). Do you have any suggestions? Thanks. - Barb.

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    Re: Network Win95 + XP

    If this is the first time you have added networking components to the W95 system, then, you will need a W95 setup disk, not a recovery disk.

    Your base setup may have the W95 cabinets (*.cab) copied to your hard drive. The most likely location is WindowsOptionsCabs.

    If the cabs are on your drive, just point the installer to the cabs directory.

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