I am posting this for bjorn.birkehammar@ackuratess.se
1) he am using Excel97.
2) he istrying to make a spreadsheet that will follow the stock market on an intra-day basis.I am using the myTrack data service. "I think they told me that it uses ActiveX so a "get external data" function is not necessary.I have configured the sheet to accept the data on a real-time basis,so the data is available in the spreadsheet I made. This is now real-time data coming in: The problem I am having (I think) is with the IF statement.I will make a statement like":
=if(AND(TIMEVALUE(B4)>TIME(9,30,0),TIMEVALUE(B4)<T IME(9,35,0)),$B$1,0)

"I have tried this.I may have an error in this example 'cause I am doing it from memory but believe me I can successfully get the data from the cell it is coming in at to the desired location.That is where I break down.In the IF statement the last CONDITION "0" is killing me.As soon as that cell's condition is met (i.e. ....(B4)<TIME(9,35,0)),$B$1,0)) and b4 is > 9:35 ,of course, the cell goes back to "0".I DON'T WANT THAT. I need to keep that data to make a chart. If I create another cell to "move" the data (=D4) that ,of course, goes to "0" because it is tied to the source cell.
3)The results I am getting are:
Data for as long as the "timeframe" lasts and then 0's.
4)I need to have the specific timeframe data to STAY WHERE IT IS! For good."
**)By the way,I would probably be considered an advanced beginner in Visual Basic but I would like to try and avoid this option because I don't really program unless I absolutely have to.But I am familiar with the
language in case a macro is involved."
Greg (Bj