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    Multiuser Outlook profiles in XP?

    We have a single PC at home running Win98 SE and set up for only one user. My wife and I use Outlook Express 5 as email client since it allows us to set up individual user profiles. We have never installed Outlook 2000 since it doesn't offer this possibility.

    We are now planning to buy a new PC with Windows XP Home installed. If we set up the system for 2 users, would each user be able to have their own Outlook profile for their email accounts, calender, etc. so that we could use the quick login feature to rapidly switch users?


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    Re: Multiuser Outlook profiles in XP?

    Yes, and you will also have your own My Documents, cookies, internet temp files, windows temp files and loads of others.
    Just make sure when you install a app and it asks for "All Users" you pick all users. This will allow these app's to be used by everyone.

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