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Thread: Insert range?

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    Insert range?

    I'd like to use Excel data with Word mail merge to populate data to a monthly report in Word format. Since Word's mail merge limits one record per document but I need to use data from multiple months, I thought I'd assign a range to the data for each month in Excel and then create a new spreadsheet for each month, inserting the ranges as a single record. Is there a formula for inserting an existing range into a new sheet?

    Am I making this too hard? Is there an easier way to do what I need to do?


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    Dear NCDoc:

    Welcome to the lounge.

    Range Names in Excel can be limited in scope. In other words, you can make a range name to be global or limited to one sheet.

    In you case I would suggest the following:

    Create a range name for month 1 and limit the range scope to current worksheet.

    Next select the worksheet tab right click and copy the entire sheet somewhere within the workbook

    This should give you an exact copy of the entire sheet including the range name. However the range name will reference the new copy while the original sheet same range name will reference the orginal sheet.

    If neede for your project you can delete the range name on the original sheet.

    How to limit the scope of a range name:

    1. Select the range you want to copy
    2. On the Ribbon Select Formulas
    3. Select Define Names (a dialog box will appear)
    4. Type in a valid range name
    5. In the Scope drop down Box limit the scope to the active worksheet.
    6. Click on OK

    I hope htis helps if not just post a follow up question


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