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    "Click Here To Enter TExt"

    I have created a word template that is a fillable form. i can tab through the boxes and fill in info, i have added a macro so that when i print and have boxes i did not enter info into , the CLICK HERE TO ENTER TEXT does not print. The problem is, i do a lot of "Save As" from this template and then email the document...and on that the CLICK HERE TO ENTER TEXT does show in the boxes i did not enter anything. How can i stop this from showing when i do a save as?

    I'm not very computer savvy, so please be easy

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    The text in those unused boxes (content controls) is formatted with a style named Placeholder Text. In a document that you're about to email, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S to open the Styles pane. Right-click the name of the Placeholder Text style, and click Modify. In the Modify dialog, open the dropdown on the right side, about halfway down, that sets the color of the style, and choose the almost-white block in the top left corner of the dropdown. Click OK, and all the placeholders will be colored white. Then save the document and mail it.

    Note: Don't do this to the template, or you won't be able to see where any of the boxes are until you move the mouse over them.

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