I don't have any record of posting in a thread here in The Lounge, but in June 2012 I documented my own Yahoo Account hacking incident, which played out over several days. I was notified by Woody Leonhard that my Yahoo Account was sending out malicious spam.

During the course of investigating and contacting Yahoo by phone (yes, I got through to an actual person there!) I and several correspondents deduced that it was not my own password and login which had been compromised.

The Yahoo Contacts (which live on a different part of Yahoo's server farms) appeared to have been independently hacked, possibly from within the Yahoo internal network. In other words, even though I was told to change my Yahoo Mail password (which I did), this did not stop the hacked Contacts List from sending out spam which carried a malicious payload.

One other email ISP got their server infected during this incident, and I got spam from an account on that ISP. The whole incident did not involve my personal account -- only my Contacts List.

So yes, from time to time, Yahoo gets hacked -- and sometimes it's not your own account which is compromised. Yahoo is no worse than Microsoft's old Hotmail service (now defunct). But they are worse than GMail, where my account has never been hacked, or Opera Mail.

You can do better than Yahoo, and you can do worse. Change your Yahoo Account password every month or two, and this seems to be the best you can do with them.