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    Updates and apps did not install properly on slipstreamed installation

    I had to reinstall XP-Pro for reasons not pertinent to this problem. I had previously created a slipstream disk and chose to use that disk for the re-installation. I was under the impression, perhaps mistakenly, that by using the slipstream disk I would not have to enter the product key and that all service packs, Microsoft updates and applications that were on the computer when the slipstream disk was created would be included in the installation. That turned out not to be the case - for me. XP installed without a problem, but I did have to enter the product key. SP3 was also installed. But then I had to separately download and install a whole slew of Microsoft updates. And NONE of my previously installed applications were properly installed. All of my applications are listed in the Program Files folder when I look there with Windows Explorer, but none of them are listed on the Start / All Programs menu. Some of them I can launch directly from the exe file in Program Files, but some won't launch at all, and some, which were fully licensed before the re-installation reverted to trial versions. Is there a way to recover these applications without reinstalling from the original CD/DVD or download source? Thanks.....

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    There is not a way to recover them for proper use without installing them again because all the registry settings for each of the programs is missing, so unless the program is portable, it won't run correctly until installed again.

    The only good way to properly recover the operating system AND the programs is to make an image when all is well and then use that image to restore from. Macrium Reflect and EaseUS ToDo are two good free programs that can accomplish this, only after you get everything installed and licensed again though unfortunately.

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    I think you misunderstand what slipstreaming does. Slipstreaming is a process used to integrate fixes into an installation CD so you do not have to install the fixes separately. There is nothing automatic about what gets included. You select what to intergrate. When you created the slipstreamed CD you chose to include SP3. All fixes released after SP3 are NOT included in the CD. The CD is for the OS only. No application programs, settings, or data is included on the CD.

    Also, a reinstall of the OS starts off with a new Registry. A clean registry means you must reinstall all your application programs.

    It is always best to backup your data before reinstalling your OS. That way at least you have the most important "stuff" in a safe place should a disaster happen during the reinstall.


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