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    Date conversion problem excel to Access (Access 97)

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    I have converted a list of employee information from excel into access. All the text converted ok but the date has come out a one long number instead of a date format. eg 12/5/00 has converted into 36558. Does anyone know how ie can convert this back into a date format. I have over 7000 records so it wold be a long job to do manually.

    Can someone help me please????????????????? Damsel in distress

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    Re: Date conversion problem excel to Access (Access 97)

    You should be able to do this simply by changing the field type from number to date. I would recommend taking a backup copy of your table (or your database) before you do this just as a precaution. I have only tried this in Access 2000 as I no longer have 97, hence my note of caution.
    Hope that helps.

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