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    Ken Kashmarek

    Question Firefox locks up no mouse no keyboard

    There is a certain web page on that when invoked, will lock of my copy of FireFox 21, such that the keyboard won't function and the mouse won't function. After 15-20 seconds, it clears up. I went back to and that web link is now gone but here it is after being rescued:

    This page starts loading and is 10-20 times longer (in terms of viewable content) and continues to load seemingly forever. Once the page comes up, and you scroll to the bottom, it starts loading more content and continues to load more as the scroll bar hits the bottom.

    The content and/or continued loading isn't the big issue. Why do I experience a complete loss of keyboard and mouse when this page first comes up? It is the only page that does this repeatedly. IE10 does not have the issue.

    Has anyone else hit a situation like this? What kind of code call can JavaScript make that will cause this (JavaScript is running but Java apps are turned off)?

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    Hi Ken.

    The rescued link loads in 2-3 seconds for me in Pale Moon. Yes, the web page is a monster that needs ~28MB or so to display. There may be some advert/malware/bad coding attached to the page which causes the problem for you that my security settings block.

    Overall, it looks like a badly coded page - what causes your lack of mouse/keyboard responsiveness, I cannot tell.

    If NBC News pulled that page, it could be because of some security risk ...

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    "Badly coded page" -- I experience this phenomenon about 97% of the time when loading Facebook, so that certainly sounds like a good diagnosis!

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