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    System Imaging Software Questions

    i hope that you can help me:
    in an early peek at the window 8.1 update to come, it seems that the Windows 7 System Image process was to be dropped. i have not been able to find a way to send feedback to Microsoft(concerning the Windows 8.1 update), so that i can send some feedback/suggestion to maintain the Windows 7 System Image process. can you help with this(where to send feedback or suggestions).

    with Windows 8, the software( i use Acronis True Image 2013), is very complicated for restore/recovery. it really now seems geared for very advanced users. Acronis 2013 is still easy for backup, but again, recovery is too complicated, i believe, for many users.
    i love the ease of Windows 7 System Image, but if Microsoft drops it, what is a really easy & a reliable System Imagining Recovery software. i assume that the backup will be easy on all major System Image software...but what software would also have a simple, reliable & clear System Imagining Recovery procedure?

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    Restoring images with Acronis TI isn't too terribly complicated, just ensure you have made your boot disk. I can't stress that enough.
    If you do not have a bootable disk, you don't have a backup regimen worth anything.
    How to restore acronis image file
    Many other how to's here.

    The main thing about any imaging app is thoroughly learning how to use it, which features to install (or not have installed), and becoming comfortable with the interface.

    Personally, I use Macrium Reflect. It's simple enough and there are plenty of tutorials around that can walk one through it's usage.
    Just ensure that you have made the bootable media and have tested it.

    I don't know where one could provide feedback to MS, or even if it would make any difference, but most users here will have sought 3rd party
    applications mainly due to more options, and personal preferences. It is just a matter of finding one that is right for you, which may
    require some experimenting and trial on your part.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    Acronis TI 2013 is very straightforward. As Clint says, MAKE AN ACRONIS BOOT MEDIA! This will fit on a standard CD. It allows you to boot into Acronis outside of Windows.

    Select Recovery from the menu options. Then select your source (This is where your Image is stored. Mine is on an Ext HD), and the particular Image file you wish to restore. Then select where to Restore the Image (This should be the disk or partition where your OS resides, generally the C Drive on a PC). Then select proceed. That's it.

    I have found this procedure far less complicated than the Win 7 Backup and Restore, and more reliable.
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    "The best way to provide feedback is to participate in the Windows 8 Release Preview forum. On this dedicated forum, you'll find thousands of other Windows enthusiasts who are testing our product, posting their experiences, and participating in the Windows 8 Release Preview online community. In particular, if you think you've encountered a problem that you'd like to have addressed in future releases of Windows 8, post a “Bug Report” about your issue on the Windows 8 Release Preview forum. In your post, describe what you encountered, any text or messages that were displayed, and other information that would help us reproduce your issue in our own testing environments. We're monitoring the Windows 8 Release Preview forum and might ask you to post additional information to help us improve the experience. "

    The referenced forum is now the Windows 8 community forum but it is still monitored by Microsoft.

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