Exchange 2010 / Outlook 2010
Several users, each of which has their own primary email address, are also sharing a mailbox. When given full rights to the mailbox, it appears automagically in their folder list, under their primary mail folders.
However, this isn't ideal because when they send an email, it uses their primary mail address as the return address - this is bad.
So, using the Mail applet in Control Panel, you can add additional mail accounts to their profile. The shared mailbox will once again appear under their primary account's folder list, but now when you send an email, as well as the normal To: CC: and Bcc: fields, their is also a From: field. You simply use its dropdown to choose the From address. Slick.
Problem is, so users have the items sent from the shared mailbox address going into their primary folders' Sent Items, and the others have it going into the Sent Items folder in the shared mailbox. They would prefer it to be the same for everyone - into their primary accounts' Sent Items.
Also, one user only is reporting that she can't sent from this Shared Mailbox and add Bcc: addresses - Outook freezes up every time.
I have spent hours on this computer, blowing away her profile and creating new ones, adding registry entries, asking for assistance at the Exchange hosting company - it's making me crazy!
Anyone have a lot of experience with shared mailboxes?