I have a wierd problem. For about the last four months I will get a black screen of death when starting windows 7. It doens't happen all the time, just periodically. When it happens I can always boot into Windows safe mode with networking.

I have tried the following:
Uninstall the USB 3.0 card that I added.
Run memtest overnight and it is ok
Reflashed my BIOS.
Reset my CMOS settings.
Tried selective startup and find a service that isnít working.
Tried using verifier.exe to isolate a driver.
Done all the diskchecks, chkdsk /r, sfc /scannow

In every case things either check out ok, or when I think I have isolated the bad driver or service I eliminate them and still get the BlackSOD.
I am at my witís end. I still think it is a driver because I can always boot into safe mode with networking.
I will welcome any and all suggestions.
Thank you.