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    Win7 suddenly got very slow.

    guys please help me.
    I have had this problem many times with my new computer ( h9-1000cs), but every time this problem got resolved by itself after couple of days.
    This time the problem didnt resolved itself after a week. Basicly, one day when i was starting computer it suddenly started to be slow. It takes approximately 15 minutes to start up (normally it takes about 15 seconds) and when it does it is terribly slow. I cant play games or watch videos because it is so slow.

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    You have junk loading and running at startup, which is slowing down your system.

    Run CCleaner. It has a function which will let you see what is loading at startup. You can enable and/or disable whatever you want from the list it will show you. Disable as much as you can from the list -- things that you know you don't need. Once you have gone through that process, you will see a noticeable improvement in your speed.

    A couple of other things to do:

    1. A complete malware scan and clean. Also, make sure you have a name-brand anti-malware program installed and running, with regular updates.

    2. Disable BHOs (browser helper objects): In Internet Explorer, go to Tools / Internet Options / Advanced. Under Browsing, uncheck Enable Third-Party Browser Extensions.
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