I am writing on behalf of one of my friends, who has a strange problem with smileys (emoticons) in Windows Live Mail, running under Windows 7.

When he inserts a smiley in a mail he is writing, the smiley looks fine - the size is normal. However, after he has sent the mail and looks at it in the "sent mail-version", the smiley is HUGE - much bigger than the one he inserted. I am not sure what the smiley looks like in the version which the recipient gets, but as far as I remember, my friend told me that that version can be over-sized too.

I have inserted two pictures to illustrate what I mean.

As far as I know, the problem has not always been there - the smileys behaved normally for some time after my friend began using Windows Live Mail.

I hope someone can suggest how to correct the situation.

Original version - normal size.jpg

Sent mail-version - too big.jpg