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    Requesting help with a windows 7 issue, if you please?

    Good day all,
    My windows 7 laptop had a strange quirk occur yesterday. The icon for my C: drive, or more accurately, my "Acer [C:] drive", has been changed to an icon aptly suited for a thumb drive. I don't know why or how it's happened, and I've now spent 8 hours.. unsuccessfully trying everything I could find on the web to try and fix it.

    I am the administrator for the laptop and I run it in administrator mode, yet Windows 7 won't let me access the .ini to make a change. I've tried thru the registry, but no change-back takes place. I even made a copy of the c: drive to my desktop, changed it there, and rebooted,....(I'd read that someone had sucess with this)

    Can you offer any help?

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    Boot from a Live CD/USB (such as Zorin) and alter whatever you like on your "Acer [C:] drive". (Be careful of course).

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