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    USB Printing Support Not Loading Automatically

    If I turn on my USB printers after the computer is on, they remain offline. I can get them to be detected if I delete the Generic USB Hub and Scan for hardware changes in Device Manager. I never had to do this before (I'm using XP for over 10 years on the same system). Is there any permanent solution?

    Why does it not load the printers automatically as it used to. I've reloaded Windows XP from scratch, and yet the USB Printing Support does not load in device manager automatically, unless I restart the computer after the printers are on. By the way, if I remove the USB hub where the printers are connected to, and connect one printer directly, it works fine. But there can't be anything wrong with the hub, since when I restart the computer, both printers work fine....

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    Here are some things to try:

    * Try a different USB cable to connect the hub to the computer. Sometimes the cables go bad.

    * Connect your hub to a different USB port on the computer. Sometimes a USB port will go bad.

    * Does your hub have an external power supply, or is it powered by the USB line? If it doesn't have an external power supply, it may just barely have enough power to do the job. Try a hub which has its own external power supply.

    * If you have a desktop computer, you might try to get a USB board to install in the computer. You'll probably get better-quality USB ports that way than the ones which are built into the computer.

    All of these have been the solutions to problems for me in the past.
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