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    More headaches with numbered headings (Word 2007)

    I'm having a difficult time configuring numbered headings for an appendix. I think it may be that I actually have more than one list and that the lists are not communicating with each other. If this is the problem, why do I have to guess at it? If I have more than one list and should have only one list, how can I know it, and then how do I remedy it?

    In the main chapters of the document, Heading 1s, Heading 2s, and Heading 3s operate properly, like this:

    1. Heading One
    1.1. Heading Two
    1.2. Heading Two
    1.2.1. Heading Three
    1.2.2. Heading Three
    1.2.3. Heading Three

    The below has problems in the third level:

    A Appendix Head 1
    A.1 Appendix Head 2
    A.2 Appendix Head 2
    A.1.2 Appendix Head 3 (this one should be A.2.1)
    A.2.2 Appendix Head 3 (this one is correct)
    A.3.2 Appendix Head 3 (this one should be A.2.3)

    The Define New Multilevel List dialog box is tremendously confusing (and,as has been mentioned, it's misnamed because it also allows modification of existing multilevel lists). Almost all of the options in this box confuse me,and I've worked in Word for 3 years and in Framemaker for 13 years, so I'm used to experimenting to figure things out.

    Despite a fair bit of reading and experimentation, I still dont know:

    What Define New List Style is for.

    What Include level number from field is for. If my Head 2 has two digits and I'm building a Head 3, which of Head 2's digits am I including in my Head 3?

    What Restart list after field does. What exactly does this restart? Is the list the entire numbered heading scheme, from Head 1 to Head 9, or is it just the numbering scheme of a particular numbered heading? Or is it a discrete decimal place within a multi-part numbered heading?

    I dont know the relationship between defining lists the in the Multilevel dialog box vs. configuring numbering properties in the paragraph styles.

    I dont know whether to specify tab and indent settings for these headings in Modify / Paragraph or in the Define New Multilevel List / Position group? Which has precedence? Which should I ignore? Do I have to zero-out the settings in one of these dialog boxes in order to make sense of the settings in the other dialog box?

    I tried to create custom Appendix paragraph styles, but then I read that Word plays much better with built-in styles. So I am using Heading 7, 8, and 9 for my Appendix 1, 2, and 3 numbering scheme. I dont know if this is advisable or not.

    Finally, I thought maybe I could examine the regular Heading 3 multilevel numbering to see what makes it work. But I have scrutinized the Multilevel dialog box with no luck.

    Please see the attached document.

    Sorry for the long post. Any help is appreciated.
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    Your numbering is basically out of order. You have defined the outline number for the third level appendix headings to display the numbering in the order of 1-3-2 instead of 1-2-3. This is obscured by the interface given to you by Microsoft but is actually much clearer in VBA.

    The quick fix is to reset the ordering by following the steps listed below.
    1. Put your cursor into one of these appendix headings
    2. Press Alt-F11 to open the VBA Editor
    3. Find the Immediate Window (press Ctrl-G if it isn't visible there)
    4. Paste the following text into the Immediate window and press Enter
    Selection.Range.ListFormat.ListTemplate.ListLevels (3).NumberFormat = "%1.%2.%3."
    5. Paste the following text into another line in the Immediate Window and press Enter
    Selection.Range.ListFormat.ListTemplate.ListLevels (3).ResetOnHigher = True
    6. Close the VBA Editor

    Now I note that you have used Headings 7, 8 and 9 for your appendix headings but the list numbering for these headings is NOT the same list template as the earlier headings. This may be your intention but I suspect that you have done this accidently by opening the Outline Numbering dialog when your cursor was sitting in a Heading 7 rather than a Heading 1.

    To do the fix using the dialog in the Word interface you need to work METHODICALLY. If you move the cursor when setting up the numbering in the outline numbering dialog then it becomes difficult to work out if you have the outline numbers placed in the correct order. The following steps show how to repair your document numbering using the outline numbering dialog.
    1. Put your cursor in a "Heading 7" paragraph (This is using the first level of your numbered list so if you don't you will be creating a new list)
    2. On the Home tab, go to Multilevel list > Define New Multilevel List
    3. In Click level to modify select '3'
    4. Clear the contents of the 'Enter formatting for number'
    5. In the 'Include level number from' select Level 1
    6. Type a full stop . (a period for you americans)
    7. In the 'Include level number from' select Level 2
    8. Type another full stop .
    9. In the 'Number style for this level' select 1, 2, 3, ...
    10. Tick Restart List after and select Level 2
    11. Click OK

    The problem you were experiencing was due to incorrect cursor position in the 'Enter formatting for number' field while adding number elements to that outline level as we do above in steps 5, 7 and 9.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    That worked perfectly! Thank you, Andrew!

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    If you have not, done so already, you want to look at
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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