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    Advanced Search in MS OneNote

    I like to cook. I have a OneNote notebook that contains recipes that have been clipped from the web. I've also scanned in indexes from about a dozen favorite recipe books. These have been scanned in a way that allows text in the scanned image to be searchable.

    Every Wednesday I get a bag of produce from a local farm. (Twice a year I pay them some money and they deliver weekly whatever they've grown.)

    The next step is to put together some ideas for recipes. I've got dill, I've got kale.

    If I try a 'google' style search and type 'dill kale' , I'll get a number of hits. One hit is an index page from Deborah Madison's new 'Vegetable Literacy':

    Braised Cabbage with Chewy Fried Potatoes, Feta, and Dill
    Kale & Potato Mash
    Smoky Kale & Potato Cakes
    Pea Dill and Rice Salad

    You see the problem? None of these recipes use both kale and dill.

    I've tried the simple approach of using help and searching for 'search' and 'advanced search' but none of Microsoft's responses look as if they have anything to do with the subject of searching.

    So, question 1)

    Can you tell me how to find a basic explanation of how the OneNote search is supposed to operate.

    question 2)

    Can you tell me how to search a OneNote notebook that includes scanned index pages in a manner that is sensitive to adjacency so that it will return results where, for example, 'dill' is within twenty words of 'kale'.

    question 3)

    Can you point me to any resources that will allow me to write my own search routines. ( I know how to do it - What I don't know is how Microsoft have structured the data and, hence, what I would need to do to navigate their data structures.)

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    Have you tried dill+kale

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    Are you sure all the words aren't inside the recipes text? In my experience, One Note search works as expected (contrary to google's way). A search for multiple words will retrieve documents with the multiple words, regardless of using spaces or the '+' character as a separator.

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