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    I can attest to problems with Avast Web Rep on both IE 10, IE 9 and Chrome under Windows 7 and Windows 8. Page loads, especially search results and secure sites, are painfully slowed. And sometimes nothing at all can load. Web Rep seems to have more problems with IE 10 on Windows 7 than on Windows 8, but it does not work well with IE 10 in any Windows version. Web Rep is a Reputation Service much like McAfee Site Adviser, and I recommend just switching Web Rep off if it's causing trouble.

    For many of us, IE 10 on Windows 7 is still not working properly, even without conflicts or interference. This combination remains a work in progress. I reverted to IE 9 on Windows 7 and stuck with it. Maybe I'll try IE 10 again after Microsoft releases IE 11. Full Disclosure -- IE is not my primary browser.

    I generally like Avast, but his is one of two issues (the other being delayed user account loading) which really annoy me.
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    I've found this thread quite appropriate as I"m also using AVAST, and I'm planning to upgrade to IE 10. Now a check of my add-ons reveals that Avast Online Security is disabled. Will leaving AVAST Online Security disabled help avoid problems like KenWA encountered?

    Thanks for your advice on this.

    Addendum: I saw Bob Primak's post after writing my original one. After reading his post, I'm wondering if I should just stick with IE 9? Has anyone had a good experience upgrading from IE 9 to IE 10 with Win 7 SP1 as their OS?
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