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    Unable to copy text from internet

    My problem is copying images embedded in text documents from the internet to word. I use click copy click paste, and have been using this method successfully for years. I have no idea what I've inadvertantly changed to make this happen. It's a function I use a lot, so I want my click click copy paste function back. I'm on 32 bit win 7, and Word 2010. It's been a traumatic experience transitioning from Word 7. I could easily have unknowingly turned something on or off while looking for a function.Can anyone help?
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    First, be aware that some image owners may not want their images copied, and may be set up to prevent copying by putting a clear overly "on top" so all you copy is the overlay. If that is the case -- and certainly if you want to use the image for anything even remotely commercial -- you should ask permission first.

    Second, if you copy the link (i.e. instead of the actual image), your Word document will be pasting the link -- and the image will only be visible when you have a connection.

    Instead of trying to use copy directly on an image in a web page, consider using the Snipping tool available in Win7 (press Start and type snip). This useful tool lets you draw a rectangle around the content you want to have it copied to the clipboard as an image. You can then paste it into your Word document.

    Note too that the Office clipboard function in Word (and other Office apps) lets you collect up to 24 items in the clipboard -- and you can paste them all at once ot one at a time where you need them. To get at it, use the small arrow at the lower right side of the Clipboard group on the Home ribbon.

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