I am indebted to all of the members of Windows Secrets for turning me towards great/free solutions or applications that have benefited me. As well for all the information coming in as updates to what we enjoyed and praised as good that took a U-turn to bad. What was once may now not be as was.

Is there a centralized forum or place in the lounge, that I haven't discovered yet, that is used to list or link software reviews or experiences that have changed over time? When the newsletters go out one of the first things I look for is updated information on current events in the land of software. (eg: postings about disabling Java or Outlook is now great) Every once in a while I do miss information that is helpful for me, and I discover what I missed simply from browsing around. Am I taking the long way to keep up with new information? Or is there already a forum or database with this kind of information centralized or is it still best to just perform a global site search with key words?