I have multiple messages from multiple sources all with attachments that I cannot process - I can't download attachments via webmail, I can't forward the messages via webmail, I can't retrieve using multiple POP3 clients (paid subscriber), I get RETR errors, they even stall in attempting telnet access. Many other messages can be processed, read, downloaded, forwarded, etc in the normal fashion. When attempting to show headers in a browser using Yahoo commands, the header fields are blank. These errors started in mid-Feb and have occurred even this month. I suspect they might be associated with continued development of the Yahoo neo interface.

Now Yahoo tech support tells me to check my browser and they supply (and repeat) support-scripted replies, ad nauseum. They tell me that they have tools to check my mailbox and they can't duplicate the error. They explain that the verification tool is proprietary, so they won't explain how they use the tool. For all I know they are seeing the main mailbox with normal messages. I'm at wits end trying to reach a competent tech support person. Obviously the inability to forward via webmail is a server side issue as is the inability to retrieve via POP3 when other messages are easily retrieved. The problem appears to be corrupted messages, as in the old days of radically malformed HTML, or huge attachments where the only solution was to delete the message. But that rare event shouldn't happen to some 200 messages I've stored in a folder to hid them from POP3 access.

So does anybody know how to reach a competent support person?