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    Unhappy Here we go again - file sharing

    I have browsed this and other forums til my fingers are sore and tried many things but I still cannot use files on my XP (3) system from my new Win 8 laptop. I can see the XP and even open folders down to a certain level and then I get denied. Yet Teamviewer works perfectly - including file transfer of the files I can't get to with File Explorer on the laptop. I also have a Vista machine on the network - the XP and Vista can access each others' file systems without a problem.

    I have been to the Network forum in the Lounge but can't read it all and didn't find any answers that worked.

    Can someone point to an article, thread, website where there is a definitive, thorough, well-written description of ALL the factors and ALL the steps necessary to let me have complete access to the file systems on each PC from the other?? I know it can be done - unless a lot of people are lying.


    Ok - I stumbled on the answer by myself - something that no one mentioned in all the other stuff I read. I was logging on with a Microsoft account - set up because it seemed the thing to do when I first opened the laptop for setup. I switched to logging in to a local account and voilą! The full XP file system is now available to me on the laptop.

    thanks for reading this and thinking about answering before you got to the edit!!!!
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