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    Good site returning 404 Error

    Win 8x64, desktop using cable modem run through router (i.e., not wireless). Since sometime in April, the website (or has been returning a 404 "page not found" error on everything but the home page. That is, I get the error in the screenshot clicking on a tab up top or a link down below. The result is, as the screenshot shows, a redirect back to the site's home page. I know it actually works from four checks: 1) it works on my laptop, wireless via the router; 2) a google search turns up no reported site problems, and it would; 3) my ISP tech has no problem, and 4) I can get the same site's streams in other ways, such as via

    As possible fixes, I tried turning off my anti-malware apps, Comodo Internet Security and SAS Pro, but neither had an effect (my laptop also has both). I also tried physically bypassing the router, again with no help. I've posted this here because I mainly use Opera 12.15, but I've also tried Waterfox 18 and IE10. Prior to this starting in April, I've never had problem with the site or its predecessors.

    Any ideas? Thanks,
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