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    Smile Read Only problem; Word 2010 on (work) Network

    Word 2010 (OS is XP) specs.

    This is issue I'm having when I work on documents that is on a network (at work) using Citrix which is something like the 'i cloud' I believe.
    Consistent is the read only mode, and when closing and saving documents, the warning or message indicates that: 'Changes have been made to that affect the global template, Normal. Do you want to save those changes?'
    Save Don't Save or Cancel
    If saving, it will present to our 'H' Drive, which isn't the network drive where the documents have to be saved and have already been established by name, location (drive) etc...That's our general procedure by checking in and out of the Word documents through the network (cabinet, it's called). But this loop that will cycle through to cancelling and than finally the second cycle around and hitting don't save, will close the window and Word.

    If there is any suggestions or ideas, thanks for your anticipated input. I read a little of the similar probles on this subject on this (Windows Secrets) and most of those threads were in 2009.

    I'll try to clarify further if I haven't described my deal clearly.

    *ALSO, I was able to learn about the global templates and finally have created and use the template that I use as an add on for auto texts and assignment to short cut keys (Thank God) and when the global template Normal (is affected) I take it that that's what the message that comes up continuously is about.

    As you know, or are likely aware, that network drives or Word in and of itself, strips auto texts and macros from Word documents as was the purpose for creation of the global templates


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    Don't know anything about Citrix. should never be a shared template. It should be local for each user. If you are getting a message that it has changed and inquiring about whether you want to save those changes, it has been changed, whether you intended to do so or not. Unless the change is intentional, you do not want to save it.

    You may get advice on how to turn off that warning message. Turn it off if you would take the batteries out of your smoke alarms because they keep going off when there is smoke.

    You can have separate global templates. These can be shared or not. Your templates should NOT be changing or normal.dotm.

    The most frequent cause of this message is poorly written (professional) add-ins that come with other software. Lately blue-tooth add-ins and Adobe add-ins have been seen causing problems, I think.

    You can also have shared document templates, usually stored in a workgroup templates folder.

    Templates in Microsoft Word

    Word will strip AutoText from documents. AutoText must be stored in templates. Any .dotx or .docx files will have macros stripped from them.
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