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    Maintenance on split databases (Acc 97 sr2)

    I have recently joined and have been reading the post digests with interest.

    On recommendation from reading the posts, I have split my database into a front and back end. We have a 6 machine (Win95b) network with everyone having a shortcut to the front end which is on the "server" machine. This makes global changes easy as I am not part of the IT dept and have no sort of admin priveliges, (it being 1/2 a state away and we being a small side business basically left to ourselves)

    If I get a user crash, and have to replace the front end, (I keep a backup copy in a separate folder), should I use the front end to compact the "database" or should I do that directly to the back end? What other general db maintenance would you suggest?

    I am a "learn as I go" person with little formal training, but have managed to create all we have required here with help from various forum sites.
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    Re: Maintenance on split databases (Acc 97 sr2)

    Compacting the front end has no effect on the back end. You have to compact the back end separately.

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    Re: Maintenance on split databases (Acc 97 sr2)

    As Charlotte pointed out, compacting/repairing the frontend of a split database schema doesn't do anything to the backend.

    Aside from that, I'd strongly suggest you copy the frontend down to each users local drive and use it instead of the network version. I create a simple .bat file that includes the copy command, then create a shortcut to that file in the Startup folder. This way, each user gets a "fresh" copy of the frontend whenever they start (or reboot) their system.
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