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    Java Exploit Virus

    A repeating virus that either comes back or that remains dormant until it activates (again) later is what I've experienced during the past few months (on and off again) and because it's a trojan, that would explain its ability to hide or change its name to tuck in with system files, etc...
    During the last removal scan, etc...I deleted the Java install I had altogether and attempted to re-install the latest Java and could not. The same with a Pdf viewer I like, is the FoxReader instead of Adobe. That's over with too, as when I went to update it, for some reason it was not functioning and I am having difficulty downloading anything, with the exception of Microsoft Essentials (antivirus) and malware bytes.
    If any suggestions or recommendations as to what I may do or what's required to ditch this nasty virus, from anyone that may have knowledge or have experieced the same kind of thing, etc...feel free to reply. I'm going to likely, reinstall the Windows 7 or try the repair disc. Before defeating to that end, I was just concerned that I may find new information in order to deal with this issue, as from what it looks like, Java is a hitting target or conduit for virus' to attach on, etc.

    My Computer specs: OS Windows 7 Ultimate sp1
    Athlon DCP 5700+
    Hard drive's (I believe) 2.87 ghz)
    4 gb 3.37 usable mem.

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    You could try TDSSKILLER which gets rid of rootkits according to its claims.

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