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    Encoding in Word

    The situation described below suddenly occurred a number of years ago and a friend walked me thru rectifying same--specifically a letter that I know was written in Word, using Arial 12 pt type, prints fine--I then send it to the destination--then, when I wish to re-read the letter I've filed, the printed letter looks like some sort of gibberish--there always appears a box in the center of the screen with this "odd" language and the "box" is named, "file version text encoding--The choices one can make (written along the top of the document are WINDOWS DEFAULT, MS-DOS AND OTHER ENCODING--I have already taken the time to select every choice available and hr result is only that a different for of gibberish appear--the category that is selected by default= Windows default and in the list below, "Western European" is highlighted--please help--I'm in the process of attempting to reprint a bunch of letters I wrote to my father many years ago--as I typed that last sentence I seem to recall having been using Word Perfect in those days--BUT--almost half the letters can be pulled up in Word form and edited--the rest are unusable in present form--thank you for any help you whizzes out there can give to this temporarily retarded

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    Sounds like the documents were originally written in a format that your current version of Word does not know how to deal with. I assume you are currently using Word; but if not, the same would apply to whatever you are using.

    What you need is a universal file viewer, which can open pretty much any kind of file, no matter what program was used to create it. Here is something I found on the web:

    I haven't ever used this program, but it looks like exactly what you need.

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    I have just downloaded and tried freeopener, and I cannot get it to open even a perfectly normal Word document - comes up with a long message about the file being in a format other than that indicated by the extension (in this case .doc).

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    What happens if you delete the extension entirely, and then try opening it in freeopener?
    Another tack: try Libre Office (freeware) -- it seems to be capable of dealing with a lot of different formats.

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