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    Problems with Win 7 PC

    I have an ASUS 1TB Desktop computer model CG5290. I am using Windows 7 HOme Premium X64. It is now through my internet provider (Bright House Networks). I have an ASUS Notebook-but only use occasionally. I purchased an AOC 23" LCD monitor last October 2012. 6 months later, 4/2013 it started flickering and flashing at the same time. stops you from doing anything you want to do. took it back to Best Buy which was replaced by a LG22" LCD which started doing the same thing as soon as it was hooked up. I have two separate programs for driver updates;Driver Update & Driver Detective. Driver Update said all drivers were fine. Driver Detective scanned my comp.and found 4 out of date drivers,one of them being NVIDIA GeForce GTX250 -downloaded & installed. Driver for ASUS KuangYing REALTEK Card Reader couldnot be downloaded or installed-even through ASUS. Individual on Microsoft's website said he replaced his video driver and it did nothing at all.

    I have two add'l problems-i.e.,Kaspersky PUre 3.0 which wen I try to get into the program all it does it place an icon in the bar at the bottom, can't click on it, won't open at all, same thing with several other programs.Problem with downloading atachments-all things being opened in WordPerfect X6 Office, have uninstalled it from comp. When I try to open anything that I typed in WP it all appears in what I refer to as "gobbly gook" language. I think it is being opened in WordPad-don't know how to get it back to where it belongs.

    I have done 2 re-installations of Windows 7 Home Premium, (I'm on a network) and was not able to get to the page with the word "format" by pressing F10 continually when comp. started. With all these problems should I upgrade to Windows7 Pro - will that updrade take care of all the problems above. Also, what is the best way for me to reach you- through the lounge like I'm doing now, or another way.

    Thank you for all your assistance. I look forward to hearing fom you.

    Connie Braun
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    I moved this question from the Contact Us area to the Win 7 Forum.


    Welcome to the WS Lounge. To contact someone who has sent you a message use the Private Messaging area.

    You above question is best asked in a particular forum rather than in the Contact Us area. In this way out thousands of members will be able to read and answer your question. The Contact Us link will only be sent to Moderators and Administrators.
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    Moving to Windows 7 Professional will not help resolve any of these issues.
    For the monitor flashing issue, make sure the refresh rate is set to 60 Mhz. I'm working from memory her but try:
    Click on the Start orb
    Type Display
    Click on Display settings
    Click on Advanced Settings
    Click on the Monitor tab and You should be able to adjust refresh rate

    For the Kaspersky icon issue, try right clicking on the icon. If that doesn't help, try clkicking on the Start orb and type Kaspersky.

    What is the file extension of the"downloaded attachments. (the thre letters after the period in the attachment name)


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