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    Lightbulb To Give a Clearer Understanding

    It's occurred to me to mention a couple of things, might clear things up some.

    I don't have any icons on the desktop.
    In Windows 8, by default, there was/is a 'folder' on the Taskbar called Libraries.
    Someone in another thread said something about Libraries, now, being 'hidden', by default, in Windows 8.1
    However, now, the 'folder' on the Taskbar (there, still, is one, by default) is This PC. It gives all what's in the Libraries folders and more including, any & all drives; nothing hidden.
    If, as I said earlier, this (folder) is replaced by an (ALL) Applications 'window' AND (this is what I hadn't mentioned) the Desktop Toolbar is enabled, the whole approach works. Desktop Toolbar has Libraries, This PC, Control Panel & more plus, whatever desktop icons you might have (that, remember, are not showing). Also, from here one can drill down, navigate to any location in the machine.

    Here are some show-you pictures:

    Screenshot (5).jpg
    Screenshot (6).jpg


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    I don't like libraries, not in the least, and have disabled them; my mind's made up on that issue. And for me, a well-configured Start Menu serves a great function (among many others) in hiding those things that I don't need to see when I'm only wanting to launch one program or open one file.

    Your example quite simply doesn't work for me at any level; I'm glad it works for you, and that you can set your PC up to suit your tastes. For me (and others who have expressed this same sentiment), one of best assets of the Windows OS is indeed the ability to make a Personal Computer Personal. I'm well aware that there are many who don't care for a Start Menu, but it's merely another point of view. That knowledge, however, is in no way a constraint on me and how I want my PC to look and operate.

    And if one examines the many complaints about Windows 8 posted here and in other forums, by and large they fall within the single major category of Microsoft's attempt to take away some of that ability to personalize a personal computer. While their EULA sets certain limits on the use of their software, it only provides me with a license to use Microsoft's software; it doesn't in any way license my computer to Microsoft.

    I won't stay in Microsoft's box; I'll continue to do things my way.
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