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    quality of VBA integration into PowerPoint XP? (PP

    I had to do some programming in Powerpoint 97 and 2000. Both times this was not a very pleasant experience. <img src=/S/sigh.gif border=0 alt=sigh width=15 height=15> Even if the VBA integration into 2k was already better, there were still some functions (like choosing the document language) you could not access directly by VBA code. I had to use send keys! Or references to the menus.
    Does anybody have experiences in programming VBA in Powerpoint XP? Did MS further ameliorate it? Is the integration as comfortable as into Word (with all its small problems) now?
    Thanks for your reply, since I have to decide about doing another Powerpoint project.

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    Re: quality of VBA integration into PowerPoint XP? (PP

    Marco, I haven't responded to your post because I have not used XP yet. Usually the zero responses triggers someone to post. But, I'll share what little I know. I will <img src=/S/weep.gif border=0 alt=weep width=21 height=16> with you over PowerPoint's object model; it makes Word seem intuitive. As for XP, Shyam Pillai has some <A target="_blank" HREF=>information</A> on the MVP site. BTW, PP2K added language-related properties, so I assume you were using PP97.
    My guess is that we are no better off in XP; Bill is just richer! <img src=/S/bash.gif border=0 alt=bash width=35 height=39> Sorry for no direct experience. --Sam
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