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    Unknown IE add-on

    I was stumped recently by a question from a young 12 year old friend. I'm sure someone round here will know the answer.

    He is worried that on all the family computers, whenever you navigate to a web login page, the password box is outlined in red (similar to what Lastpass does) with an "eye" icon at the right hand end of the box. If you type your password, it appears as bullets as normal, but if you then click and hold the "eye" it appears as plain text until you release the mouse button, allowing you to check what you typed.

    My friend was worried because he didn't know where it had come from and had no idea what other side-effects it might be having. We checked through the IE add-ons (IE 8 on Win7 I think) and apart from a few that had been disabled there was nothing unexpected at all, or anything likely to have installed such a facility (if you can call it that).

    Can anyone identify it from the description, and suggest what it is and how to get rid of it please?

    Regards - Philip

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