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    Adding or/and using a printer in Windows XP mode

    My computer runs Windows 7, but I use some applications that aren't compatible with Windows 7, so I run them in Windows XP mode.

    My computer is attached to a Canon MX870 printer, and applications that run under Windows 7 use it happily.

    I want the applications that run in Windows XP mode to use the same printer.

    It should be simple, right? If only.

    Nothing that runs in Windows XP mode knows that the printer driver is installed in Windows 7.

    I tried to install the Windows XP driver from the Windows XP mode desktop. The installer looked around says that no printer is attached to the computer.

    I asked Canon for advice, but as soon as they figured out that I'm dealing with Windows XP mode they told me to please go away. Windows XP mode is much too complicated, they said, and they don't want to touch it.

    I asked Microsoft for advice (via The agent who stepped forward to help me seems to be a complete doofus; after three exchanges he still doesn't understand what I'm asking about.

    The only promising lead I found was a warning that Windows XP's settings must be configured to enable file and printer sharing. That didn't help because file and printer sharing were enabled from the start.

    Can anyone help? Right now it seems like I'll never get the printer working, and I'll never find out why.

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    See if one of the solutions here work for you. HTH
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    Win 7 64-bit? If so that's the sticker, otherwise it's a simple network share with 32-bit. Try that but I don't think it'll work.

    The second Ah-hah post, modified may work, you'll need to capture the USB port that the printer is on with the VM software and install the printer to XP Mode. Then turn the USB port the printer is on back to Win 7 control. Then in the XP mode version you set the USB printer port to the network share address of the printer under Win 7's control as the printer port. If that all goes right, XP Mode then looks for the printer at the network share address that is the printer port and not for the printer on any USB port.

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