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    Problems connecting from Mac to Windows 7 through RDC

    Forgive my ignorance on this... I am new at this so I am wondering what I am doing wrong here.

    I have a new mac with office 2011 that includes RDC 2.1.1. I have used it to connect to my work computer (Thinkpad lenovo, windows 7) from my home (both computers at home on the same wireless network) and from the apple store (also both computers in store and on the same wireless network). However, when I take my mac to school, I am unable to connect to work laptop while it's at home (different networks). I have the IP address correct on my work computer and it shouldn't change as long as it stays on the same wireless router while at my home (I think). It isn't because of sleep mode or that it turns off or anything like that because I can come home from school, not touch my work computer and connect to it from the mac (again on the same network at that point).

    I am wondering if there are restrictions on the wireless routers that I am connected to while at school that won't allow me to remote out? I have tried two different wireless connections while at school, one secured and one unsecured and neither work. I don't even get as far as the login prompt for my computer at home so it doesn't appear to even get as far as trying to authenticate. It just cranks for a while and then gives me a very generic error that says you cant connect for one of these three reasons... the host computer is off (no), something else about the host computer that I can't remember, or the connection from the client computer is hosed for some reason (not verbatim...).

    Is there some settings that I haven't set up for specific router types or I am just totally missing something else?

    Thanks for any input!

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    Just making an educated guess, there is probably a port or two that you need to connect and those are not open or actively blocked by the school's security/routing. You might have better luck and consistency using something like TeamViewer.

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