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    Date Calculation in Word

    Although there is a tutorial posted on how-to perform date calculations in Word, I cannot say I understand it enough to have it done. Maybe I am a little dense and would appreciate a little more help in this area. I am trying to put in a formula to calculate age. What do I do?

    For an example, I have this inserted as a fied - =DATEDIF("6/2/1952",TODAY(),"Y") in the formula field but it did not work. It says there is an syntax error. Can you kindly advise?

    Also I would like to have this field updated automatically each time the document is opened.

    Much appreciated.

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    If you are not changing the date of birth and just want that information included in the field then you should start with Macropod's nested field under the heading... "Interactively Calculate A Person’s Age"

    Now change the line that says
    {ASK BirthDate "What is the Birthdate?"}
    {SET BirthDate #6/2/1952#}
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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