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    media player no longer updates album information

    For some time now media player (ver.12.0.7601.17514) returns an error when prompted to "find album info". At first I thought it was a failure on MS's side, but then I realized that it has been ongoing ever since. I don't really remember when this started, but I can say it has been happening for months now and it has become a bit of a nuisance. Media player is configured to retrieve additional information from the internet and to overwrite all media information. Yet, when any attempt is made to update (find album info) it yields the error shown in the attached image.

    For the record. This Pc is always up to date with all patches. Always comes up clean after virus scans (performed weekly). MS security essentials protects the system. No errors regarding the error have ever been found in the registry.

    System Details:
    Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
    16gb ram
    AMD FX4100 Quad core running at 3.6 ghz
    Nvidia GT200 (video adapter)

    OS is loaded on a OZC-Agility 4 120gb SSD (66gb free)
    programs are loaded on a WD Veloceraptor 279gb (55gb free)

    Any suggestions, comments, and of course assistance as to what may have happened would be greatly appreciated.
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